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A Day in Chinatown

2012-08-25 18:35:35|Food

In today’s episode of Easy Chinese, I explore the rich Chinese culture found in Manhattan’s Chinatown from Tai Chi, to men playing Chinese chess in the park, to Dim Sum and classic food carts. This episode will be a feast for your senses! I start at Colombus Park and sample my way through delish food carts that can be found all around Chinatown. I stop to have dim sum in one of the largest Dim Sum restaurants in the city, Jin Fong, where the dim sum is served in the traditional way – on trolley carts! I feast on all Dim Sum classics and discover the best Durian puffs – creamy, smelly, flakey – the best I have ever tried. To burn off the calories I head to a special class to experience some more traditional Chinese culture and get a lesson in the art of Kung Fu at Bo Law School with Master Sifu Paul Koh. In return I make him my “Kung Fu” balls – Pearly pork meatballs, a dim sum classic. After that I make a dish perfect for a day at the park my Spicy chilli chicken with Hoisin mayo. Another fun packed Chinese foodie adventure (and sadly the last in the series) so tune into Cooking Channel - tonight at 8.30pm EST. See you there!  Cx 


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