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2015-04-30 23:13:20|Charity

The WWF is a very special charity to me and I admire the way they use their experience, credibility and influence to help create long-term solutions to global threats to people and nature - such as climate change, the peril to endangered species and habitats, and the unsustainable consumption of the world’s natural resources. This year, I was proud to be an ambassador for WWF’s Earth hour which took place last month. They asked people to switch off their lights and celebrate the hour by sharing a candle lit dinner with family and friends. It was a way for millions of people across the globe to show they care about protecting our brilliant planet. I am very mindful about the need to buy and eat sustainably sourced food and am trying to commit to live a greener lifestyle. Please take a look at their website www.wwf.org.uk to find out ways that you may be able to help. Love, Ching x


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