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Cage-free eggs only - CIWF organisation

2016-07-15 21:52:20|Charity

  I am making a pledge.  It is to only use cage-free eggs in all my recipes and TV appearances.  Why?  Keeping laying hens in cramped cages is not only cruel, but completely unnecessary. In the UK alone, over 20 million laying hens spend their entire lives caged.  No hen should live like this.   Additionally, the cost of a cage-free egg can be as little as 5p more per egg than a caged variety. The improvement in animal welfare to laying hens as a result of being cage-free is significant.   Finally, there are also benefits in terms of both taste and human health, for example with increased levels of omega 3 in free-range eggs compared to caged eggs.   We take so much pride in our love of animals and our standards of animal welfare, we should reflect this in our shopping habits and culture. Cages are outdated and have no place in modern Britain. I’ve signed the pledge and hope you will too.  For more information and to take action go to http://bit.ly/ciwforguk    Love, Ching x


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