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Ching's Amazing Asia

Hong Kong

If you want to experience the true vibrant spirit of modern Asia, look no further that Hong Kong. Simply thriving with life, from local tradition to high-end luxury, this twenty-first century city caters to all tastes an interests. I always love that first glimpse of Hong Kong Island's glittering skyline seen from across the harbour - it's so iconic, and the food? it's out of this world!

  • Name: Little Bao link here
    Head Chef: May Chow
    Speciality dish: Szechuan Fried Chicken Bao & Mentaiko Mac 'n Cheese
  • Name: Sing Hueng Yuen
    Speciality dish: Tomato and Macaroni Soup & Crispy Crispy
  • Name: Gi Kee
    Head Chef: Chan Chong Fei
    Speciality dish: Lobster Noodles & XO Scallops
  • Name: Yan Toh Heen link here
    Head Chef: Lai Yiu Fai
    Speciality dish: Roasted Suckling Pig wth Lobster & Wagyu Beef Stir Fry
  • Name: Tim Ho Wan link here
    Head Chef: Mak Kwai Pui
    Speciality dish: Golden Spring Rolls & Snow Topped BBQ Pork Bao
  • Name: Lee Kueng Kee
    Speciality dish: Egg Waffles
  • Name: Mamasan link here
    Head Chef: Gede Budiana
    Speciality dish: Chilli Harbour Prawns & Ubud style Pork Ribs
  • Name: Kam Wah Café
    Head Chef: Mrs Chan
    Speciality dish: Pineapple Bun & Yin Yong Tea
  • Name: Shang Palace link here
    Head Chef: Mok Kit Kueng
    Speciality dish: Wok Seared Lamb
  • Name: Stack
    Head Chef: Joshua Ng
    Speciality dish: Pork Collar Pancake & Runny Honey Stack
  • Name: Lab Made Ice link here
    Speciality dish: Matcha Green Tea Ice cream & Liquid Nitrogen & Lychee Rose Dry Ice Tea
  • Name: Lin Hueng Kui
    Head Chef: Lee Yun Ming
    Speciality dish: Har Gau Shrimp dumplings
  • Name: Kung Wo Do Bun
    Speciality dish: Tofu Combo plate
  • Name: Ho Lee Fook link here
    Head Chef: Jowett Yu
    Speciality dish: Mom's Mostly Cabbage Little Bit of Pork Dumplings & Slightly Fires the Emperor
  • Name: Temple Street Spice Crab
    Speciality dish: Spicy Crab
  • Name: Chilli Fagara link here
    Head Chef: Chan, Kai Ying
    Speciality dish: Emperor's Chilli Prawns & Crispy Spicy Beef
  • Name: Mak's Noodles
    Speciality dish: Wonton Noodle Soup
  • Name: BEP link here
    Head Chef: Helen
    Speciality dish: Beef Pho


Macao is one of the oldest fusion cultures in the world - a unique mix of Chinese and Portuguese heritage. East meets West here and I think they've definitely got the best of both worlds! This ranges from UNESCO World Heritage architecture to traditional Chinese festivals of fireworks and dragon boats, and ultra-modern hotels and nightlife. Plus I would say the Macanese cuisine, with its unmistakable blend of eastern and western flavours, is worth a visit all by itself!

  • Name: David Wong at IFT
    Head Chef: David Wong
    Speciality dish: African Chicken & Portuguese Chorizo Clams
  • Name: Chan Kong Wei
    Speciality dish: Black Pepper Duck
  • Name: Belos Tempos
    Head Chef: Anna Manhao Sou
    Speciality dish: Macanese Minchi
  • Name: Café Nam Ping
    Head Chef: Leong Yu Der
    Speciality dish: Char Siu Egg Sandwich & Sai Yung Bau
  • Name: The Eight link here
    Head Chef: Yueng Kok Chio
    Speciality dish: A5 Kagoshima Beef Rolls with Water Spinach & Shredded Chicken with Crispy Skin and Pomelo
  • Name: Antonio link here
    Head Chef: Antonio Coelho
    Speciality dish: Seafood Cataplana & Grilled Sardines
  • Name: Lord Stow's Bakery link here
    Speciality dish: Egg Tarts
  • Name: Seng Cheong
    Head Chef: Chan Wai Fan
    Speciality dish: Crab Congee & Salt and Pepper Squid
  • Name: Tak Lei Lo Kei
    Speciality dish: Pork Bun Chop
  • Name: Jade Dragon link here
    Head Chef: Tam Kwok Fung
    Speciality dish: Iberico Char Siu Pork & Lychee Wood BBQ Goose


Taipei city is the capital of Taiwan and a modern metropolis with busy shopping streets and contemporary buildings. Taipei is known for its lively night markets and street-food scene. Rich in beautiful, Minnan-style temples, heritage lanes and nature preserves, it's a buzzing city growing in reputation. The food here is an eclectic mix of rural Taiwanese, Chinese and the best of Japanese to create it's own unique fusion cuisine. Taiwanese foods are assertive, aromatic and rich in flavour.

  • Name: James' Kitchen
    Head Chef: Ching Wen Cheng
    Speciality dish: Crab Lionhead Meatballs & Fried You Tiao With Oysters
  • Name: Shin Yeh link here
    Head Chef: Zheng Kwun Ying
    Speciality dish: Three Cup Chicken
  • Name: Lan Jia Gua Bao
    Head Chef: Mr Jack Lan
    Speciality dish: Gua Boa - "Tiger Bites Pig"
  • Name: Ice Monster link here
    Speciality dish: Avalanches of Shaved Ice
  • Name: Hao Chi
    Head Chef: Mei Chu Tseng
    Speciality dish: Danzai Noodles
  • Name: Dai Lai Xiao Guan
    Head Chef: Ms Zhang
    Speciality dish: Braised Pork Rice & Egg and Tomato Stir Fry
  • Name: Hot Star Chicken link here
    Speciality dish: Giant Fried Chicken
  • Name: Yong He Dou Jiang Wang
    Speciality dish: Dan Shaobing You Tiao
  • Name: Yuan Huan Bian
    Head Chef: Mr Lai
    Speciality dish: Oyster Omlette
  • Name: Ning Xia Night Market
    Speciality dish: Stinky Tofu, Ai Yu Fig Jelly, Taiwanese Sausage Rice, Grilled Cuttlefish Sticks and Lun Piah


Okinawa is one of the largest islands off of Japan. The island's population is known as one of the longest living people in the world thanks to them eating plenty of whole grains, vegetables and soy products, as well an abundance of local seafood. It is popular with tourists thanks to its beautiful beaches, parks and the Hiji Falls. It's sub tropical climate fives rise to a diverse range of ingredients on this island. Okinawan cuisine has it's own vibe - an unique mix of Japanese, American and Chinese influences.

  • Name: Urizun link here
    Head Chef: Shoshin Asato
    Speciality dish: Banana Fish Tataki, Rabbit Fish Tofu, Dooruten, Hirayachi Pancake, Pepper Ribs, Awamori
  • Name: Pork Tamago Onigiri Honten
    Head Chef: Katsuaki Kiyokawa
    Speciality dish: Pork and Tamago Onigiri
  • Name: Suji Guwa
    Head Chef: Shoko Takara
    Speciality dish: Okinawa Soba
  • Name: Tacos-Ya
    Head Chef: Taeko Arime
    Speciality dish: Taco Rice
  • Name: Makishi Kosetsu-ichiba Market
    Speciality dish: Fresh seafood, Pickles, Sea Grapes, Spam, Fresh Pork
  • Name: Honen
    Head Chef: Toya Higa
    Speciality dish: Pan fried Tiger Prawns and Local Akamachi Red Snapper


Tokyo is the bustling capital city of Japan. It is rich in culture, dining, entertainment and shopping. With an extraordinary amount of cafés and bar as well as excellent museums, gardens and historic temples, there is something for everyone. It's clean, safe with lots of green space both in the city centre and within a short train ride to the outskirts. Here the food is made with meticulous attention and you can sample the freshest and best sushi in the world.

  • Name: Sushi Kuni
    Head Chef: Yoshimitsu Kokuba
    Speciality dish: Tuna Nigiri
  • Name: Go Go Curry link here
    Speciality dish: Katsu Curry & Grand Slam
  • Name: Aoba
    Head Chef: Takayuki Goto
    Speciality dish: Tsukemen
  • Name: Blacows link here
    Head Chef: Ryo Fukishima
    Speciality dish: Wagyu Beef Burgers & Blacows Special
  • Name: Tsuna Hachi link here
    Head Chef: Kuwata
    Speciality dish: Tempura with fresh sea eels and shrimp
  • Name: Sukiji Market
    Speciality dish: Biggest fresh seafood market in the world