He Huang

Vegan Chinese Masterclass

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With eleven TV shows and ten cook books, Ching He Huang has been at the cutting edge of Chinese food for over a decade.  

For the first time she reveals her secrets to rich, flavourful dishes in one easy to follow course.

Ching breaks down the fundamentals of Chinese cookery, then teaches you step-by-step how to make Chinese classics like sweet and sour, spring rolls fried rice, chow mein, won ton soup and much more.

By the end of the course you'll have the skills and knowledge to wow your friends and family with a Chinese banquet that tastes as good your favourite takeaway.

Learn to cook your takeaway favourites

Ching teaches you exactly how to cook the world's most popular Chinese dishes. Including, Sweet and Sour, Spring Rolls, Fried Rice, Chow Mein, Won Ton Soup and much more.

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1. Introduction

Get to know Ching a bit better as she gives you some background on how she started her food journey. She'll talk about her philosophy for Chinese cooking and let you know what to expect from the course. 

2. Store cupboard ingredients (Wet)

In Chinese cooking it's vital to have a properly stocked store cupboard.  Learn what sauces and condiments you'll need  to make your dishes shine.

3. Store cupboard ingredients (Dry)

Ching walks you through the spices, powders and seeds that are important to have in your store cupboard.

4. Choosing Your Wok

The wok is one of the most important and versatile tools in Chinese cookery.  In this lesson Ching teaches you about the different kinds and how shows you how to create a perfect wok seasoning.

5. Essential utensils

Learn some of the essential tools that Ching uses to create her recipes.

6. Cleavers and Knives

In any style of cookery chopping and slicing is vital to the art. In this lesson Ching takes you through the use of both knives and cleavers to help you decide which one is right for you.  

7. Aromatics

Garlic, Ginger, Chilli...the holy trinity of Chinese cuisine. Learn about how to prepare them properly and use them to maximum effect to create rich flavourful dishes.

8. Cooking perfect rice

Rice is at the core of Chinese food. In this lesson Ching shows you how to create the perfect steamed jasmine rice. A beautiful base for your main dishes. 

9. Vegetable Sides

Ching teaches how to create some simple but delicious vegetable sides to complement your main dishes.

10. Creating a Sauce Base

Creating your own sauce bases from scratch is an important skill in Chinese cuisine. Ching takes you through exactly how to build them step by step.

11. Umami Flavour Intensifiers

Ching shows how to supercharge flavour in your dishes with these simple dried ingredients.

12. Fried Rice Preparation

When it comes to getting the best fried rice, it's all about the prep.  Ching demonstrates the must do steps to ensure you get the perfect result every time.

13. Recipe: Hoisin Tempeh Fried Rice

Fried rice is a staple of Chinese cuisine.  Follow Ching as she makes a delicious variation using Hoisin marinaded tempeh pieces. 

14. Noodle Basics

Noodles, like rice, act as a base for other dishes to be layered on top of.  In this lesson Ching will talk through the different types of noodles and show you exactly how to prepare them to get the perfect bite.

15. Recipe: Buddha Chow Mein

Ask most people what their favourite noodle dish is and they'll most likely say Chow Mein.  Ching teaches her Vegan version packed with flavour packed noodles and crunchy vegetables.

16. Tofu Tips

Tofu is at the core of Vegan Chinese cookery. In this lesson Ching takes you through the different types of tofu and advises you which is best to buy for your dishes.

17. Recipe: Sweet & Sour

One of the most beloved Chinese dishes across the globe.  Ching shows you how to make her famous vegan version using chewy seitan, crunchy peppers and zingy pineapple.

18. Recipe: Spring Rolls

Another firm favourite, spring rolls combine fresh, crunchy vegetables with a crisp golden wrapper. Ching demonstrates her version using hoisin sauce and smoked tofu strips.

19. Recipe: Black Bean Broccoli Tempeh

The salty, umami flavour of black beans is extremely popular in Chinese cuisine. Ching takes you through an easy, delicious stir fry using crunchy broccoli and marinated tempeh pieces, all coated in rich black bean sauce made from scratch.

20.  Recipe: Fragrant Aubergine

Originating from the Sichuan province of China, "Fragrant aubergine" is a dish full of rich flavours and warming spice notes. Ching shows you how to make a plant based version her secret flavourful homemade sauce. 

21. Recipe: General Tso’s Tofu

An extremely popular American Chinese takeaway dish, General Tso's Chicken is spicy, sweet, sour and comforting. Ching takes you through how to make her vegan version using crispy tofu, fresh veg and a wonderful zingy tomato sauce. 

22. Recipe: Golden Tofu Singapore Fried Noodles

One of the most popular Chinese noodle dishes, "Singapore Fried Noodles" combines chewy rice noodles, fresh vegetables and curry spice notes to create noodle heaven. Ching demonstrates how to prepare the perfect noodles, create golden tofu strips and properly chop your vegetables.

23. Recipe: Mapo Tofu

Probably the most famous Chinese plant based dish, "Mapo Tofu" is packed with delicious textures and tongue numbing spice. Ching will show you which tofu is best for the dish and demonstrate how to make the perfect rich sauce.

24. Recipe: Sweet Chilli Tofu with Water Chestnuts

Ching walks through how to make one of her favourite recipes. Golden tofu and crunchy water chestnuts in a sweet, sticky and spicy sauce, perfection.

25. Recipe: Won Ton Soup

An all time classic, "Won Ton Soup" is loved the world over. Ching teaches how to make the perfect filling and wrap the dumplings in an easy, no-fuss way. She'll also show how to add mushrooms for another level of umami and texture. 

26. Closing thoughts

Ching offers some closing thoughts on what you have learned throughout the course, finishing with some inspirational words for your continued cookery journey.

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