Here are some videos of me cooking....

1by Ashley (4 years ago)
now i will have a wok that lasts me ages :)
2by brian (3 years ago)
Hi,  I have looked all over your site for General Tso's chicken receipe which I saw you cook on your TV program when you were in New York in a small family run Chinese restaurant.  Please tell me where on your site or which tv program channel I can find it.  Many thanks, Brian.

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Ching's Wok Care

Ching's Pork & Chestnut Dumplings

Ching's Spicy Fragrant Pork

Ching's Spicy Bacon Crispy Haddock

Ching's Spicy Aubergine

Ching's Lotus Root Crisps

Short Reel 09

BBC2 Ident