Ching's Kitchen - Good Food Channel - Presenter/Host (2006)


Synopsis: Ching celebrates her love of simple Chinese and South East Asian Fusion dishes in her kitchen.
Channel: Good Food Channel
Episodes: 15 X 30 minutes


Episode guide:
Episode 1 Dim Sum
Ching reveals the secret to making delicate delicious dim sum the easy way. Steamed Sui Mai; deep fried Wontons with dipping sauce; prawn balls; and beef and coriander lettuce wraps. LESS


Episode 2 Take out
Ching proves that all the takeout favourites really can be made at home. Peking duck; sesame prawn toast; and chilli chicken chow mein.


Episode 3 Night and Day
This is a tale of two meals. A simple delicious supper beef teriyaki with steamed spinach and soy and oyster sauce served with steaming rice; and a fry up Chinese style - bacon and egg fried rice.


Episode 4 Rice
Rice comes in many forms - short grain, long grain, red, black, glutinous, wine, vinegar even flour. Ching uses rice in all its guises covering both sweet and savoury dishes - special fried rice; sesame balls with chocolate sauce; chicken pad Thai with rice noodles; and Taiwanese pepper steak with fried egg and steamed rice.


Episode 5 Fast Food
Ching makes delicious fast food for special occasions and everyday meals. Hot chilli prawns, stir fried beef with seasonal greens and noodles, steamed cod with salted black beans; and bang bang chicken.


Episode 6 Noodles
Cold, hot, fried, boiled, in soup, in salads, in a stir fry - noodles are one of the key ingredients in Chinese cooking. Ching makes four recipes using four different types of noodles: sesame chicken salad with crunchy peanut sauce; noodle soup with pan fried glazed pork fillet; Singapore noodles; and prawn tempura.


Episode 7 The Wok
Ching demonstrates how diverse the wok is by using it to deep fry, stir fry, steam and slow cook. Chicken and vegetable spring rolls; chicken and cashew nut stir fry; braise pork belly and aubergine in chilli bean sauce; and ginger chilli soy steamed scallops.


Episode 8 Naughty and Nice
Some days are virtuous 'eat like a super model' days and other days are strictly for bad 'I've been dumped' meals. Ching makes two meals for her friend. First up there's healthy miso soup; yakatori salmon; and pickled salad, followed by a naughty but very nice meal of crispy pork belly and trifle.


Episode 9 Make Ahead
Ching has dinner guests and rather than make everything on the day she prepares a menu that can be made in advance so the party is completely stress free. Char sui; tofu and chilli beef stew; and prawn and lemon noodle salad.


Episode 10 Lunch
Ching proves there's more to lunch than a simple sandwich. In this episode she packs up her bento box with lots of lunchtime favourites - Vietnamese salad with noodles; Taiwanese raw salad rolls; a lychee, mango and pineapple fruit salad in cinnamon syrup; and her take on the humble ham sandwich.


Episode 11 Sweet and Sour
Sweet plays a big role in savoury Chinese cooking. Ching creates some sweet and sour classics and a strictly sweet snack. Chicken sticks with sweet and sour sauce; mango salsa; Thai beef salad; and custard tarts.


Episode 12 Ching SOS
Ching creates a foolproof damsel in distress dinner party menu for a friend in need. This is a come to the rescue completely portable dinner party meal. Thai beef, coriander salad; red salad noodles; and chickpea, lime and coriander salad.


Episode 13 Chilli
Chillies red, green, hot and mild are such a crucial element to Chinese cooking. Ching puts the chilli to good use in four delicious recipes. Chilli spare ribs; green Thai curry; aubergine, tofu and chilli bean sauce; and salmon fish cakes with a sweet chilli sauce.


Episode 14 East Meets West
Ching sets herself a challenge to cook western dishes with an eastern twist. Lemon chicken burgers with sweet potato chips and ginger and vanilla ice cream.


Episode 15 Curry
Sometimes there is no substitute for a decent curry. Ching makes her favourite curry dishes perfect for eating in front of the TV or to impress friends. Green Thai curry sauce; squid balls; and chicken katsu curry.



Chinese Food Made Easy - BBC2- Presenter/Host (2008)

Synopsis: Ching reveals how delicious Chinese food can be prepared at home with easy-to-prepare mouth-watering recipes using fresh, healthy and readily available ingredients
Channel: BBC2
Episodes: 6 X 30 minutes

Episode guide:
Episode 1 Takeaway favourites

Ching shows how to prepare Chinese food at home with healthy ingredients


Episode 2 Fast Food and Street Food

Ching demonstrates recipes inspired by her love of Chinese fast food


Episode 3 Seafood

Ching travels to the far north of Scotland in search of the finest seafood


Episode 4 Noodles, dim sum and dumplings

Ching explores the fashionable world of noodles, dim sum and dumplings.



Episode 5 Spicy Sichuan

Ching celebrates the hot and spicy flavours of Sichuan


Episode 6 Cooking for Friends and Family

Ching creates fresh, simple and healthy Chinese dishes for friends and family.



Chinese Food in Minutes - Channel 5 - Presenter/Host (2010)


Synopsis: Chinese food has recently been declared the nation's favourite takeaway. With more and more people turning to the joys of home cooking, glamorous young chef and bestselling author Ching-He Huang demonstrates how delicious and healthy authentic cuisine can be. Watching her each week as she prepares three mouth-watering recipes will be volunteers who have never cooked Chinese food before. Will they too prove to be gifted in the kitchen when they have to recreate what they've seen?

Channel: Channel 5
Episodes: 13 X 30 minutes


Episode guide:
Episode 1 Ching-He Huang is joined by gospel choir singers Monica George and Laura Rahaman as she woks up three super-fast versions of old family favourites.

Episode 2 Ching whips up a feast of dinner party classics, including yellow bean scallops with a spicy wild rice salad.


Episode 3 Two cheesemongers turn their taste-buds to a line-up of tasty Chinese dishes, including a traditional hot and sour soup.

Episode 4 Personal trainers look to supplement their healthy lifestyle with Ching's healthy classics, which this week include juicy chilli chicken and an exotic stir-fry.

Episode 5 Ching offers two students a lesson in cooking using the signature 'holy trinity' of garlic, chilli and ginger.


Episode 6 A couple of cheeky carpenters swap their hammers for woks to recreate Ching's irresistible line-up of noodle dishes.

Episode 7 Ching comes to the culinary aid of a pair of young entrepreneurs, with a finger-licking trio of appetisers.

Episode 8 Ching takes two surveyors on a taste tour of China, with her take on dishes including crispy mongolian lamb and Cantonese-style duck.

Episode 9 Two cabbies learn how to wok up fast and easy dinners unique a fusion of flavours, including a unique twist on a great pub classic.

Episode 10 Two Yorkshire estate agents learn new tricks as Ching cooks crispy king prawns in a sweet-and-sour sauce.


Episode 11 Two Manchester nurses experiment with dishes centred around the steaming process, including a traditional Taiwanese chicken recipe, soy-steamed cod, and a sour and spicy chicken dish.

Episode 12 Ching turns up the heat when she helps a pair of professional figure skaters experiment with cooking using hot spices.

Episode 13 A pair of rugby players are introduced to the essential ingredient of tofu, with a complement of saucy beef, oriental mushroom and lobster dishes.

Easy Chinese: San Francisco Season 1 - Cooking Channel - Presenter/Host (2011)


Synopsis: Ching-He Huang is on a mission to show viewers that they can prepare mouth-watering Chinese dishes using fresh, readily available ingredients. Why order takeout when you can actually make a quick and healthy Chinese meal with what you already have in your kitchen? Ching explores all that San Francisco and the Bay Area have to offer by visiting local markets, farms and suppliers. She finds the best ingredients and cooks them right then and there at the peak of their freshness. Armed with her friendly style and vast knowledge, Ching is out to prove that Chinese cuisine can be simple, healthy, fun and delicious.
Channel: Cooking Channel
Episodes: 13X 30 minutes


Episode guide:
Episode 1: Wok Skills and simple stir fries

Ching He-Huang brings her skills to Chinatown's Wok Shop where she shows us how to pick out, season and clean a wok. After sharing a meal with the shop's legendary owner, she heads to the Berkeley Bowl grocery store to pick up Chinese ingredient basics and whip up more quick dishes in her brand new wok. Recipes: Ginger, Grated Carrot, Sesame Green Beans, Three Cup Chicken, Vegetable Lettuce Wraps, Yangzhou Fried Rice.

Episode 2: Healthy Takeout Favourites

Chef Chris Cosentino joins Ching He Huang at San Francisco's Ferry Plaza Market to scout the freshest ingredients the city has to offer. She teaches a busy mom how to make healthy homemade takeout, and wraps things up at the Far West Fungi Mushroom Farm to source mushshrooms for a simple yet exotic dish. Recipes: Sweet and Sour Fish Fillets, Vegetable Chow Mein, Posh Chopped Suey (Fragrant Chicken and Mushroom Stir Fry), General Tso's Chicken.

Episode 3: Sichuan Spice

Father and daughter restaurateurs, Kathy and Peter Fang, invite Ching He Huang to their restaurant for a Szechuan feast. Inspired by the duo, she brings the heat with her own Szechuan-style Crispy Shrimp. Then, at the San Jose Farmer's Market, she gets her hot, hot chili on with Kung Pao Beef and a spicy chocolate pick-me-up. Recipes: Mapo Dofu, Szechuan-Style Crispy Shrimp, Kung Pao Beef, Spiced-Chocolate Covered Fresh Fruit.

Episode 4: Fast Food and Street Food

Ching He Huang takes fast and easy food to the street with treats like Paper-Wrapped Crispy Salt-and-Pepper Chicken. She teams up with the Chairman Bao Bun food truck to serve up the belly in the heart of San Francisco. Then, she scouts a prime spot for a friend-filled picnic beside the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge. Recipes: Paper Wrapped Crispy Salt and Black Pepper Chicken, Braised Pork Belly Bao with Peanuts, Golden Gate Chili Ribs, Jasmine-Lemon Iced Tea.

Episode 5: Fusion Food

Armed with her seasoned wok, Ching He Huang crosses culinary borders when she visits Chef Chris Yeo at Straits Restaurant and Miguel Jara at La Taqueria. In San Francisco's colorful Mission District, she goes for full-fusion flavor with a Chino-Latino soon to be classic: Crispy Duck and Asian Pear Tacos. Will her dish pass the taco test? Recipes: Red Curry Chicken Stir Fry, Italian-Fusion Soba Noodle Salad, Crispy Duck and Asian Pear Tacos, Lychee Raspberry Apple Crumble.

Episode 6: Dim Sum

There's nothing more Chinese than dim sum. Ching He Huang visits Great Eastern Dim Sum House to peek at the masters at work, then she heads south to source seasonal sweetness at Gizdich Fruit Farm. Back in her kitchen, she finds three junior sous chefs to lend a hand and taste her savory and sweet delights! Recipes: Prawn and Chive "Shui Jiao" (Water Dumplings), Steamed Pork and Mushroom "Siu Mai" Dumplings, Roast Pork Pastry Puffs, Iced tea/gelato/fruit Drink.

Episode 7: Shellfish and Seafood

Asian seafood is scrumptious; especially if it's from a sustainable source. Ching He Huang goes under the boardwalk to the Monterey Abalone Farm to harvest California reds for her Crispy Salt and Pepper Abalone with Soy Ginger and Sweet Chili. And later she brings the 'mussels' when she hosts a shellfish soiree with the Diesel Fish Dragon Boat Racers where they train in Foster City. Recipes: Crispy Salt and Pepper Abalone with Soy Ginger and Sweet Chili dipping sauces Softshell Chili Crabs Black Bean Mussels with Chinese Beer Communist "Mule" Cocktail.

Episode 8: Perfect Party Food

Chinese food is great for a party! Ching He Huang puts easy Chinese on the map, on the table and in your mouth when she pleases the crowd at her Auntie Mei-Lin's retirement shindig in San Francisco's South Bay. She stocks up at Oakland's bustling Rockridge Market Hall to make her nibble and sip favorites. Recipes: Sweet and Sour Pork Sliders, Crispy Salt & Pepper Squid with Asian Salad, Pork and Prawn Boiled Wontons, Mandarin Martinis.

Episode 9: Chinese BBQ

Ching He Huang gets naughty with a decadent barbecue menu including her favorite BBQ Yellow Bean Chicken and Sticky Soy and Orange Beef Rolls. When she drops in on the Bad S BBQ Team in San Jose, she commands the grill and brightens up the party with a refreshing Lychee Mojito. Recipes: BBQ Yellow Bean Chicken and Chinese Long Beans, Spicy Soy Ribs with Wasabi Slaw, Sticky Soy and Orange Beef Rolls, Lychee Mojito

Episode 10: Perfect Balance - Ying and Yang

What's a little Yin without the Yang? Ching He Huang balances her culinary chi at Serendipity Farm with Oyster Chicken and Bok Choy Stir Fry. When she meets Josh Jones and his Latin Jazz Ensemble at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts, she trades her Grilled Coconut Lobster for a tune! And, the band's as cool yin as her Ginger and Cucumber Cocktail!

Episode 11: Cantonese cuisine

Ching He Huang and Chef Bill Sy meet at Manila Oriental Market for a warm bowl of Mixed Seafood Congee that they share with customers. At the Art Institute, they bond over cherished Cantonese dishes, tips and techniques and make whole fish two ways for a hungry crowd. Back in the kitchen, she brings it home with a Canton-inspired, satisfying fruit dessert. Recipes: Mixed Seafood Congee, Cantonese Style Steamed Whole Fish, Beef and Black Bean Ho-Fun, Fruit Salad with Star Anise Syrup

Episode 12: Chinese comfort Foods

The comforts of Chinese cuisine can be found right in San Francisco! Ching-He Huang explains the art of the hand-pulled noodle at San Dong Noodle House and brings the love with chicken soup Ching-style. Next up, a sticky dish inspired by family traditions and direct-from-London, best mate and tea expert Don Mei rolls through the kitchen to 'take' her for a proper tea. To cap it all off, desert! in the form of a Lychee Raspberry Crumble.

Episode 13: Intimate celebration - An engagement party!
Ching He Huang celebrates big with small plates at Wente Winery in Livermore. An engaged couple gets a five-star welcome with her Lemongrass Lychee Sparkling Cocktail. Then, to make the party extra special she personally serves her Red Bean and Banana Sesame Balls - simple, sweet golden brown bites worthy of romantic Chinese symbolism - to the beaming brides-to-be. Recipe: Peking Duck Spring Rolls, Red Bean and Banana Sesame Balls, Lemongrass Lychee Sparkling Cocktail, Steamed Egg and Scallops in a Tea Cup



Easy Chinese: New York and Los Angeles Season 2- Cooking Channel - Presenter/Host (2012)



Channel: Cooking Channel
Episodes: 13X 30 minutes

Episode guide:
Chinatown Unexpected
Use Your Noodle
Rosenthal's Cocktail Party
LA's Late Night Street Eats
Little Taiwan
Holy Trinity
Chinese Like it Hotter
American Classics
Do they Eat Egg Rolls in China
Sweet Chinese
A Day in Chinatown


Exploring China: A culinary odyssey - BBC2 - Presenter/Host (2012)

Channel: BBC2
Episodes: 4 X 60 minutes