What is Click & Cook?


  • EXCLUSIVE EASY-TO-FOLLOW RECIPE VIDEOS presented by me - designed to help you cook your favourite Chinese and Asian fusion recipes.
  • View on your phone, tablet, computer and SmartTV.
  • Cost $25 (£17) for 52 recipes, available to access for 12 months (approx. 48 cents/33 pence per video recipe.)


Already a subscriber? I hope to start filming some new recipes to add to the catalogue very soon! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the 52 recipes that will have fulfilled your years subscription.



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Sample Click and Cook video - Kung po chicken


Recipe trailer

  • Catalogue of delicious recipes including Sichuan Chicken, Grilled aubergine with Chinese Salsa, Wok tossed Smoked Tofu to Classic Chicken Chow Mein and many more.
  • All recipes are original, fully tested and shot in high quality HD.



I hope you enjoy Click & Cook! I'm looking forward to bringing you fresh and exciting recipes.

Happy cooking and eating always!

Much love,