I am so lucky to be able to travel the world with my work. I get to see so many beautiful places and explore the rich tapestry of many different countries. Of course, travelling can also be exhausting and leave you feeling drained. This is why I give myself some simple rules before I leave. I keep my clothes light and comfortable. Maybe a simple pair of jeans or some light cotton trousers with a loose t-shirt. I keep make up to a minimum. A tinted moisturiser keeps my skin hydrated and glowing along with some lip balm. As my skin is very sensitive I also ensure I have a good quality sunscreen with a strong SPF. I always keep away from fast food and snack on sunflower seeds, dried fruit and nuts to keep me going until I can enjoy a proper meal.

For sheer decadence, I love this Ottis Battersbee eye mask from Liberty’s. Well, we all have to have some luxuries in our lives!

Love, Ching x


Candles at noon tomorrow

Tomorrow (September 21st) is the International Day of Peace, when in the words of the United Nations, we "promote the ideals of peace".

With my work, I'm lucky enough to travel to different continents and knowing that the friends I've met in different countries can unite in this way is really special - I'll be lighting my candle at noon along with other countries in their respective time zones. 

Love Ching x



Happy Moon Festival!

Tomorrow it is Mid-Autumn Day - or Moon Festival in China, mid-way through the Autumn (or fall) season when the moon is at its roundest. There'll be much celebrating and eating of moon cakes (above). So this is as good a day as any to dust off the wok and serve up a tasty Chinese dish.


A firm favourite has to be spring rolls and my Chicken and Vegetable Spring Rolls (below) are easy to make - and look impressive if you're celebrating with guests! You need to register (for free) for this recipe - then you'll have instant access to 100s of delicious Chinese favourites!


Love Ching x   


Join me on my hand-crafted Taste of China tour


Are you ready for an unforgettable journey? Come with me on my first Taste of China departure with Wendy Wu Tours.


I’m so excited to be working closely with some great friends of mine - and the UK’s leading specialist China holiday tour operator, Wendy Wu Tours. If you’re a fan of gastro trips and would like to explore China, you’ll love my personally crafted culinary tour, A Taste of China, and what’s more I’ll be coming with you on the first trip, on May 24, 2014!


We’ll discover the amazing culinary treasures China has to offer and I’ll guide you through my hand picked sights and gastronomic experiences in this diverse and spectacular country.


I have chosen the most unique experiences, which demonstrate how culture, traditions and philosophy have shaped China’s cuisine.


I look forward to rediscovering the flavours and techniques of Chinese cookery with you! See the full itinerary here and call Wendy Wu Tours on 0844 288 5678 to book. The regular Taste of China tour is available here, please note that I will not be on the regular tour, I am only on the May 24th tour and the regular tour doesn't include Hong Kong. 


All registered users of my website will receive a £150 discount QUOTE CHING2014 for bookings made prior to 15th December.


Off to pack my suitcase – hope to see you there!


Love Ching x


My time in Los Angeles at the Emmy Awards


1. The location was The Beverly Hilton LA – I had a real room with a view of Beverly Hills!

2. Glam lashes for a glam event

3. With my fabulous make-up artist - we had such fun getting ready!

4. The dress... designer to the stars, Monique Lhuillier

5. My essentials for the evening

5. My date for the evening, actor Jamie Cho 

6. With the talented chef and restauranteur Bobby Flay and Italian cooking beauty, Giada De Laurentis

7. With the lovely Bob Tuschman, Senior Vice President of the Food Network and Cooking Channel

8. Jamie and I with the fabulous Ina Garten (aka Barefoot Contessa) and husband Jeffrey

9. Our table - with the beautiful Kelsey Nixson and Bob Tuschman of course - we ate vegetable tart, pastrami finger sandwiches and salmon roll canapes and drank Piper Sonomo Champagne and Fiji Water

10. Absolute 'Golden Girl' legend Betty White, presenting the Lifetime Achievement Honoree to game show producer Bob Stewart whose hits include The Price is Right and Password

11. My nomination!

12. The event

13. Kris Jenner presented the Emmy for Best Talk Show Host, which went to Ricki Lake - and the crowd congratulated her on Kim Kardashian’s new baby. Aww!

14. In esteemed company - George Lucas receives an award for Star Wars: The Clone Wars